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China’s Ghost Towns

A vivid look at the shadow of China’s ever growing fake GDP. A property bubble on the horizon? Stay tuned!

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  1. Praetorian says

    My father’s hometown in Spain has a population of 50 000 people. 8 years ago they started a project there to create a new “luxury quarter” with shopping malls, restaurants and…..15 000 HOUSES, yes, enough to house the whole city again. The city area was doubled in 5 years, when I asked my cousins about who would occupy this houses they told me that everybody was buying as an investment! At that time young Spaniards have the same complain about house prices that I hear in this video. Only difference with the Chinese situation is the lack of household debt, but the problem is big anyway.

    China real state market is doomed, I just wonder where I can buy some CDS exposure John Paulson style.

  2. SurlyTrader says

    As with all pyramid schemes they eventually come to an end. I really wonder how the Chinese government feels it will be able to dampen the blow of this massive over supply. It seems like Australia is already on its way down.
    I do not know what the best way to trade on this is…

  3. Mat says

    This makes me glad that I have kept the current investment strategy of investing in baseball cards, DVDs, & fine art (tattoos).

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