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Crises of Capitalism

A great story from RSA Animate that shows just how we arrived in our problematic economic environment.

RSA Animate

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  1. Wundermonk says

    I am neither a libertarian nor a socialist…But it seems to me that socialist economists do a nice job criticizing “free” market economics but do not provide enough clarity of an alternative…Do they want to ban offshoring? Should we become a predominantly agrarian economy? Should there be no competition in markets? Should we have to buy stuff from the local carpenter, blacksmith and provide business to the local plumber? Are they for the concept of a currency and if not what is the alternative? Is there an example of a country/society in the past that they can hold up as a proud example of what life would be under a socialist order? Until these points are clarified, it appears to me as a neutral observer, no one is going to move over to their side…

  2. SurlyTrader says

    I agree with you. I generally liked the video because I think it highlights some of the faults in the system and shows some of the causes of the crisis. That said, he does not have any sort of valid solution and seems to take a socialistic stance. I think we would be better off thinking about how to grow the economy without debt burdening consumers. Better lending standards with more economic focus on emerging industries and education.

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