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Noteworthy News – June 13, 2011


Roubini Says ‘Perfect Storm’ May Threaten Global Economy – Bloomberg

Japan Strongbox Sales Soar on Cash Demand – Bloomberg

When will incomes return to their 2006 level? - Reuters

Retire at 80? Boomers and Gen X May Be Stuck in Work Force – LiveScience

Fixing America’s Economy: Nine Ideas from Around the World - Bloomberg

Summers calls for new boost to economy – Reuters


Greece falls to S&P’s lowest rated, default warned - Reuters

Bitcoin Goes Haywire – NPR

Facebook IPO Valuation Could Top $100 Billion: Sources – CNBC

Stocks Plunge Amid Fears That Global Economy Is Slowing - New York Times


The Eurozone Heads for Break Up - EconoMonitor (Nouriel Roubini)

Inflation Destroys $58 Billion In Savings In The UK In Just One Year - Business Insider


Government extends deadline for banks to comply with foreclosure review mandate – Washington Post

Big Banks Penalized for Performance in Mortgage Modification Program – New York Times

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