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Noteworthy News – November 1, 2010


US economic growth rate quickens – BBC

German Unemployment Dips to 18-Year Low in October - CNBC

More than decoupled, China is in league of its own – Reuters


Marc Faber: Anything Less Than $1 Trillion From Bernanke Will Trigger A Market Correction – Business Insider

Election, jobs report and Fed all will have impact on stocks – USA Today

Emerging-Market Stocks Gain on U.S. Growth Data; Currencies Rise – Bloomberg

RATE FUTURES REPORT: Market Sees Fed ‘Love’ For Buying Bonds – Wall Street Journal


Why We Should Eliminate the Corporate Income Tax – The Atlantic

Capt Bernanke on course for icebergs – Financial Times

The Elephant In The Room: Debt Grows Exponentially, While Economies Only Grow In An S-Curve - Washington’s Blog

Krugman’s prophecy of doom – The Economist

Robert Kiyosaki – The Rise and Fall of American Democracy – Yahoo Finance

U.S. on track for “fiscal train wreck”: Roubini – Reuters


How the Banks Put the Economy Underwater – New York Times

Ohio Attorney General to Mortgage Banks: Sorry, Boys, No Do-Over – Crooks & Liars

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  1. Matthew says

    Krugman is no longer noteworthy. Yes, people still read what he writes but it is of little importance and not well regarded. He is now the Rush Limbaugh for the Democrats.

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