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Noteworthy News – November 4, 2013


The Rise of Invisible Work – Atlantic

Japan Salaries Extend Fall as Abe Urges Companies to Raise Wages – Bloomberg

In Latvia, young people discover new passions in bad economic times - Washington Post

Abolish daylight saving time and divide the US into just two time zones, economist says - Economist


China’s Gold Hoarding Continues: Over 2,200 Tons Imported In Two Years - ZeroHedge

Property hot spots renew easy-money bubble fears – Reuters


Balance sheet shows US $16 trillion in the hole – CNBC

Europe is a currency saint but an egregious demand sinner – Telegraph


The Bank Guarantee That Bankrupted Ireland – Web Of Debt

Fannie Mae sues 9 giant banks over Libor losses – Yahoo!


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  1. Stas says


    What you think about VIX selling ( via ETF`s) hedging – is buying OTM calls appropriate way, or there is more convenient/inexpensive methods

    Thank you

  2. SurlyTrader says

    Selling VIX Futures Options is probably the cleanest way for you to place VIX trades using options. Even though the futures are $1,000 per point, 1 option on a future is only $100 per point so you can scale the trades with better granularity. Selling a VIX put out of the money to finance a VIX call out of he money has worked many times.

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