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Noteworthy News – September 12, 2011


Eurozone blamed by US for world’s economic plight – Telegraph

The Greater Recession: America Suffers from a Crisis of Productivity – The Atlantic

US exports hit record high in July – BBC

What’s up with Europe’s economy — and why you should care - USA Today

Low interest rates don’t help sputtering economy - MarketWatch


Euro Falls Most in a Year on Greek Financial Distress, ECB; Dollar Surges - Bloomberg

Stock markets plunge after Obama speech – Politico


Obama’s Jobs Bill: A Reasonable Plan - Freakonomics

The solvency solution for Europe: time to do the unthinkable – Reuters

Ron Paul schools Bachmann on gas prices –

Social Security: A monstrous truth - Economist

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on President Obama and the Economy – ProPublica


‘Operation Twist’ Augurs Pain for Banks - Wall Street Journal

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