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SurlyTrader Joins Web 2.0

“Web 2.0″ has been a hot phrase since social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook,, etc. have taken over the web.  Basically, Web 2.0 represents community involvement in developing content.  I have received many individual emails from readers, but instead of having two-way conversations I would like to increase the interaction between my readers and the content that is produced.  With that in mind I have added 3 ways to move towards that goal:

1) Reader Generated News: Reader’s are encouraged to submit news articles on the toolbar on the right side of the screen through the “Add News” form.

2) Reader Generated Content: On the top toolbar is a new page titled “Submit Article“.  Please feel free to write your own articles that you believe will resonate with the audience.

3) Reader Questions: On the top toolbar you will see a page titledFinancial Questions?“. Please feel free to ask me any financial questions that you feel would make good articles for SurlyTrader.  In addtion, you are always more than welcome to provide suggestions or ask questions that you would like personal responses to.

I hope that each of these additional features will help us interact in a more social way while also providing me with direction on financial topics that you would like to see addressed.

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  1. ParisGirl111 says

    Great ideas for increasing reader interaction. Where can readers find out more about Web 2.0?

  2. SurlyTrader says

    Wikipedia is actually a good place to get a pretty broad definition of Web 2.0. It means a lot of different things, but I like to think of it as interactivity on the web and more specifically user generated content.

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