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Visualizing the Debt

Very good short video that addresses our problem with visualizing just how massive the debt is.

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  1. bgreen says

    a wonderful explanation of the problem and how easy it is to divert attention from the important issues.

    i just read your comments on vix, thanks for the reminder. its often too easy to be swept along on the emotional wave that engulfs markets at these times.

  2. scharfy says

    Why earth would we bankrupt our currency to have people retire at 62-67? Why should we burden unborn children with a debt that isn’t theirs? This will end up being a generational battle between the boomers and their kids. My attitude is – the boomers should have payed close attention to their politicians and ran balanced budgets.

    Future growth will be squeezed off by burdensome taxes needed to pay off the profligacy of the boomers.

    Screw them, they can retire later.

    See? I just solved 1/2 of our budget problems.

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