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VIX and More Published Items

Syndicated from VIX and More.

  • Fear Poll: Fed/QE, Ebola and Technicals Top Worry List
  • Largest SPX Pullback of 2014 Hits 6.4%
  • Low Volatility: How To Profit From a Quiet VIX (Guest Columnist at Barron’s)
  • Song for My Father*
  • VIX and More Fear Poll
  • Volatility Trader Published Items

    Syndicated from Volatility Trader.

  • Earnings trade management post earnings, an update on OTEX
  • How I like to structure a bearish trade based on the Greeks
  • I’m back! …
  • Short naked put vs. short put vertical spread, open for discussion.
  • Skip strike unbalanced butterfly spread in EXC
  • Condor Options Published Items

    Syndicated from Condor Options.

  • Changes
  • Good things at other places
  • Highlights from the CBOE Risk Management Conference
  • U.S. Market Risk Dashboard Update – No Warnings Signs, Yet
  • What’s Working Now
  • Options for Rookies

    Syndicated from Options for Rookies.

  • Free eBook Revised and Updated
  • Iron Condors and Soaring Option Volume
  • My Take on an Advisory Service
  • Repeat: Options are not Stocks.
  • The Rookie’s Guide is now an eBook
  • OptionPit

    Syndicated from OptionPit.

  • As VIX Tanks SPX Vol Still Robust
  • Is Next Week's SPX Straddle Too Cheap
  • Risk takes the Weekend off
  • The gloves are off for OCN
  • What a Difference a Day Makes in VIX
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