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VIX and More Published Items

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  • VMAX and VMIN Poised to Be Most Important VIX ETP Launch in Years
  • Playing Volatile Oil Prices (Guest Columnist at Barron’s)
  • The Case Against High Stock-Market Volatility in 2016 (Guest Columnist at Barron’s)
  • The Year in VIX and Volatility (2015)
  • Every Single VIX ETP (Long and Short) Lost Money in 2015
  • Volatility Trader Published Items

    Syndicated from Volatility Trader.

    Condor Options Published Items

    Syndicated from Condor Options.

    Options for Rookies

    Syndicated from Options for Rookies.

  • Introduction to Options: The Video
  • Study Confirms What We Already Knew
  • Adjusting in Stages. The Reality.
  • The Art of Making Decisions when Trading
  • Three Questions from a Reader
  • OptionPit

    Syndicated from OptionPit.

  • Am Vol Report 5/3/2016
  • Gold Vol drops like, well, a gold brick
  • Morning Vol Report- Japan makes things wobbly
  • Morning Volatility Report Watch VIX future premiums
  • SPX Vol Has Bounced
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